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In case of inquiries about the order, always state the order number and send the inquiries from the Email specified in the order (GPDR Act). Information about orders and data in them cannot be provided to third parties.



Chelčického 95/13A

370 01 České Budějovice

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 8 am - 4 pm

Prices in the store and e-shop are retail, including VAT.

We only accept shipments at our address. Do not send to Dispensing Points.


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Orfeo Office, s.r.o.

Chelčického 95/15

370 01 České Budějovice

Company ID: 25176269

VAT - number: CZ25176269  

The company is a VAT payer.

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Fio bank, a.s.

EUR: 2400962048/2010

IBAN: CZ1020100000002400962048



Fio bank, a.s.

GBP: 2101932172/2010

IBAN: CZ2220100000002101932172