I require invoicing without VAT for export

Instructions on how to buy without VAT for export in the EU:

A VAT-free invoice for export is not issued automatically. You can purchase without VAT for export to the EU (according to the Act of the Czech Republic of April 1, 2004 No. 235/2004 Coll. on VAT) by following the rules an regulations below:

1. register in the Eshop.

2. send a request for invoicing without VAT to the e-mail: info@orfeoshop.cz, together with a copy of the certificate proving the company's registration with the relevant tax office.

  • The supplier is responsible for checking the validity of the tax identification number and verifying that this information can be processed by the customer.

3. after verification of your VAT identification number in the VIES system and confirmation (by e-mail), an invoice without VAT will be issued for your registration.

4. invoicing without VAT shall only apply to approved registrations and future orders.

5. after logging in to the Eshop, the price without VAT will be invoiced in the last step of the order.

6. payment methods:

  • Payment by card or online bank transfer - the invoiced amount is already without VAT.
  • Payment by bank transfer in advance - The payment request is without VAT.

7. for VAT payers only.

8. issued invoices cannot be changed.

9. we do not refund value added tax.

10. we only ship goods to the EU country where the invoice was issued.